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Tweaking individual speakers?

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I've been happily using my UX2 for years now, but I'd like to make some adjustments if possible. For recording and monitoring I use Yamaha HS5, which are ran from the analog outs on the back via xlr's. For casual listening I also use the monitors but also have a sub out from the headphone jack. The sub is part of a cheap 2.1 setup from bestbuy, I just disconnected the small L/R speakers and use the sub only. I record death metal, but frequently listen to rap and electronic and want to hear the low low frequencies. If I play music through WMP I can use the eq to dial the sub to get the sound I'm looking for but this is also applied to the monitors as well, which basically ruins the big picture. Is there a way to only dial the sub and leave the monitors alone? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.



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