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Head Phones and recording

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Right now there is a direct function of any volume and headphone volume for me. That is, if I want a hotter signal into Audacity no matter what is turn up..E.G. Master volume, computer volume, or mixer volume I hear it louder in my headphones. How can I get a hotter signal without hearing it loud?


Thank you

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1. Is the signal good in Audicity? E.g. somwhere between -6 and 0 db? If so then you have good signal just turn down the headphone volume using the physical "master" (not channel) on the POD itself. It acts as the headphone volume and shouldn't affect what is sent to Audicty.


2. If you are not getting a good signal to Audicity or just want more there, go into the line 6 control panel (in line 6 folder) and there is a 18db boost that can send more signal to the DAW.

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