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HD300 and DT25

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I have just brought a HD300 to partner with my DT25 amp using line 6 link.


I all connects up and sounds great but I have question.


The amp controls change the the settings on the HD as they should and vice versa changing the controls on the HD change the settings. However one thing I have noticed is that when I change a setting on the amp (drive as an example) it changes the setting on the hd but the display on the hd does not change to momentarily show the control settings like it does if I change the same setting on the hd.


I have seen some videos with the hd500 where this seems to work but is this feature not supported on the hd300?


Also when connecting the hd to the dt, which is the 1x12 combo, I assume I set the output to live and to out put setting Combo Amp as opposed to Combo Frt which is the default setting.


As I say it all seems to work ok and sounds great.





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