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POD HD500X recording to MacBook Pro

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Hi everyone,


I just purchased an HD500X and I'm looking for some insight on a recording setup. I have two Mackie CR3 reference monitors and a Scarlett Solo audio interface. Currently, the Scarlett is connected via USB to the MacBook and the monitors are connected to the LR outputs on the back of the Scarlett. My question is, would a setup as follows work:


Guitar into POD, POD output into Scarlett input, Scarlett for the monitors / USB to the MacBook. My idea is to record using the POD while having the reference monitors as my speakers. Can the monitors be plugged right into the POD so I can use the POD as the full interface, or should I use the Scarlett as the interface for everything?


Hope this makes sense; it's my first time working with a live POD. 



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Yes, you can connect your monitors directly to the POD and record via USB.


This would be preferred if you want to capture a stereo signal.

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On a Mac, you can use Audio MIDI Setup to create an aggregate device and use the Scarlett Solo and the HD500X inputs and outputs at the same time. Use Option Click on the speaker icon in the menu bar to select the system output device. Use the HD500X for guitar input since it has the correct impedance. That's simple and effective.

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