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I am hoping someone can help me figure out what capacitor this is exactly (see attached) so I can have a friend take a shot at getting this one out of the unit and putting a new one in.

Clearly its a SAMXON 3300uF16v still I can't seem to find anything exact and or I don't trust my own judgement. If anyone knows a good site or vendor to order this from it would be much appreciated. I'm not sure if this can even be fixed. The unit works but the screen flashes arbitrarily to different editing parameters i haven't called up. It goes back and forth to the patch number and these editing parameters. The sound stays the same though? I am clueless. Truly. I do my editing via the software anyway but I don't want the unit to go completely down.

Thanks ej


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Wow, I can't believe no one answered your question.


That cap looks good, btw, sounds like some other issue


Guess Podxt Pro is dead, and so is this forum...


:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

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