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Using stock antennas with extended cables?

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I have a G90 and two vdx 75 receivers in a rack, all RF2. I use two antennas on the front connectors of the G90 (1 feet above the ground) and daisy-chain the signal through the two vdx 75 receivers. Additionally, I got a 2,4 Ghz router (not installed in the rack so could be placed anywhere) and a tablet PC with 2.4 Ghz on top of the rack. Switching to 5 Ghz is not possible at the moment. Both musicians are standing at a distance of 2-3 meters to the rack.


Of course, we are having some dropouts since this is the worst imaginable configuration. My idea of how to solve this is to put the router 5-10 meters away from the rack and so extend the stock antennas by some 2-3 meters BNC cables and mount them at about 1-2 meters above the ground and at some distance to the rack where the tablet lies. This would also increase the distance 


My question is: does it make sence to extend the stock (passive) antennas or are there too many losses? On the other hand, the dropouts are due to interference and not due to weak signals so a little damping should be acceptable. At the moment the transmitters (inkluding the router) are set to low power.


Thanks in advance!


Best regards



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If you cannot 100% control all wifi in your venue you should not be running in RF2 mode. Switching to RF1 should go a long way towards solving your problems.


How close is the tablet to the receiver's antennas? A minimum of 3 meters should be observed. This looks like you should be using paddle antennas. Using the supplied whip antennas will only go so far. You are limited to using 3 meters of antenna cable so you can't move them much.

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Thanks for your reply!


After thinking about the problem, I just ordered a new phone which supports 5 Ghz. Then I can buy a 5 Ghz router and switch to RF1 mode.


I will put the router about 5 meters away from the receivers. However, the tabled (5 Ghz) will still lie on top of a 15U rack in which the line 6 receivers are mounted in the 4th and 5th rack unit from the bottom (plus wheels). Is this too close, even though using 5 Ghz WLAN? If yes, is it the better option to mount the stock antennas on a mic stand next to the rack using two 2-3 meter BNC cables?



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Ok, I will try the stock antennas unextended together with the 5 Ghz network. If we still have dropouts, I'll try the extended stock antennas mounted on a mic stand. The last option will be the paddles mounted to our backtruss.


I will report the results in 2-3 months when the next gigs are done.


Thank you so far!

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