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A few months ago, I got a new microphone and preamp and did a handful of recordings though my old TonePort KB37. The preamp has a balanced TRS output and an XLR output, so I connected it with a balanced TRS cable to the KB37's Line 1 input. Because I just wanted a dry vocal signal, I didn't install Pod Farm or any of that stuff, just the driver.


Recently, I've switched to recording on my POD HD500X. To record dry vocals, I just switch on the tuner (in bypass mode) or use an empty preset. However, I noticed that my recordings sounded very different. So, I did some side-by-side comparisons. I also tested the Mic input on the KB37. What I found out is that everything sounds exactly the same except the KB37's line input. I've attached some samples for comparison (the HD500X recording was connected with a TRS cable via the Aux input).


Is there any explanation as to why the line input on the KB37 sounds this way? Can I fix it? Should I redo all of those recordings?


Here are the samples:

KB37 Mic Input: mic.mp3

KB37 Line Input: line.mp3

HD500X Aux Input: hd500x.mp3

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Thanks for taking the time to respond.


I am using the preamp for all three. When I did those sample recordings, I made sure the signal chain was identical. I even did my best to stand at the same proximity to the mic while talking.

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You're correct, my apologies. When I said dry signal last night, I was referring to digital processing. The analog signal that is going into the respective interface is unmodified, save for the preamp which has the same settings between recordings.

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