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JTV59 Setup Info to lower string action and proper pickup height Can't find any

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My action was a but high on my new variax. I did read somewhere on the line 6 site it is set up for 10's on the high E As far as string gauge goes. if you change string gauge you will need a set up for sure. I set up mine same as my strat as far as neck relief goes.

The intonation seemed fine. Well for what it's worth, it is a fully functional electric guitar as well as a modelling guitar, so why not set it up the way you do any electric guitar. Just as a thought, regarding pick up height. James Tyler does have a web site with a lot of info on it.

You may find something of note there.

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A JTV can be set up to a player's preference like any other guitar. The only thing you need to pay more than usual attention to is fret buzz. You want to avoid that because it negatively affects the piezos much more than normal mag pickups. Even a little bit of fret buzz can introduce artifacts, harshness, and warbling into the sound - especially noticeable on the acoustic models. That's partly why the acoustics tend to sound much better when played with a light touch. And note that this is not affected by the height of the mag pickups. The piezos are in the saddle.


Perhaps that's why you find the factory-set action high in the first place. Maybe you prefer lower action in general, and the factory setting avoids fret buzz. Try lowering it a bit at a time. You may find a better lower setting but it may not get as low as you'd like before the sound is affected by the buzzing.

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You set neck relief and string height at the bridge just like any normal guitar.  Also make sure that the string height at the nut is proper.  My JTV69S came with the action set a bit too low on the LowE and A strings but very nice on the nut.  I just raised the saddles for E and A a bit.  Intonation was not set that well so I adjusted that also.  Now it's set up as well as any of my guitars and it's very nice to play.

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Point taken Silverhead, I have definitely had to adjust my style a bit to get the best out of the variax.


A lighter picking style works wonders on many models. I actually play without a pick for a lot of the acoustic models,

I use some weird method of my own combining thumb,index,middle and ring fingers for picking arpeggio type stuff...

Then use my index finger nail as a guitar pick for single note lines and strumming.


It took a little getting used to but it works good for me.

The tone is softer or rounder sounding without a guitar pick.


For rock and blues, it is the pick all the way! With a dash of index and middle finger here and there.

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Check the nut on your 59. Mine was way too high so I took off 1/16" from the bottom of it and it plays far better. May even take a slight bit more off sometime.


Be careful if doing it yourself, I've done a lot on my guitars over the years so feel confident.  


Also check neck adjustment, I prefer VERY little neck relief, literally two sheets of paper and I measure at the 9th fret with the Low E held down at fret one and the last fret.

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I like the nut height set as low as possible without buzzing.  It should not be much different than having a capo on the first fret.  Most guitars come with the nut set higher than necessary.  It's a tricky adjustment because you have to not remove too much material.  I set the string height at the bridge with a capo on the first fret first.  Then I work on the nut height.  (All this assumes that you have the neck relief set first!)

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