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Getting new phone today. Is iPhone 6 supported with Sonic Port VX?

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I'm getting a new phone today.  I already have the Sonic Port VX and use it with an iPad Mini.  I'd like it to work with whatever phone I get.  Support for the iPhone 6 seems vague.  I know it's not on the compatability list for the Sonic Port VX.  But several users here seem to have it working.  I haven't seen anything official, though...


So, differences in the phones aside, if I want to use my Sonic Port VX with it, am I getting the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5S?







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Ok, so no responses...


I did get the iPhone 6 and am now officially an iIdiot.  It is iOS 8.1.3 and seems to work fine with the Sonic Port VX and Mobile Pod.  I'm going to try not to upgrade to 8.2 as there are some reports of problems with that on this very forum.  I've noticed a few other audio related company's products having problems with 8.2 on the iPhone 6.


I did upgrade our iPad Mini to 8.2 and it works fine with the Sonic Port VX.  I know I'm talking to myself here, but maybe someone will find this useful...



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Thanks Arne, I didn't mean that nearly as sarcastic as it sounded. Now that I'm officially part of the cargo cult (the Apple one), I guess I'm struggling with my comedic chops. I'm just a little off...


Anyway, thanks for the follow up! I got to use Sonic Port VX with the iPhone on a road trip (while the wife was driving). It was pretty cool. I noticed the single coils pick up a lot weird noises in a driving vehicle (blinkers are loud) I got a lot of weird looks from passing drivers too. You know, late 40's dork rocking out with headphones and guitar in the back of a Civic. At least I embarrassed my teenage daughter. So, mission accomplished.


The single tasking thing with iOS is driving me a bit crazy. Looking forward to new updates from Line 6, though. Thanks again!

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