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Using other Line 6 Guitar tones

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   Hi I just got my SJ amp 2 weeks ago and I'm still learning the ins & outs. I have a question or two. I own a Line 6 POD XT and I have several guitar tones stored on it and on my computer. Is there a way to store these tones I have stored onto the SJ Amp? Another question....Can I use my POD XT with the SJ Amp? I was hoping I could simply use the Amp itself to store and use the Tones that I like. Can Drum tracks be downloaded and stored or are you limited to what is on the Amp? Thanks for any help or suggestions given.

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By the time, I have seen no way you can store in the SJ tones from other machines. It is a pitty, because having it a Sd card reader inside I think it should not be very difficult to get this function.


I have the Pocket Pod, and I can connect it to the SJ with no problem. To do this, and if you want that the tone from your Pod sounds through your SJ as you can listen it directly from the Pod, it is very important that you have the SJ as "clean" as it is possible. So, some guys advise to connect it using the Aux input, not the Guitar one. You can find more information about this matter in other post.



I have read you can download drum tracks like if you would like to download, and store, any other track.


I bought the Spider Jam last week and I am answering you because I had the same questions and I have been reading some posts in forums not because i have so many experience.

Hope that anyone with more knowledge can answer better.


Sorry about reputation, I am writing from my tablet and pressed -1 not wanting to do that, and I don't know how to correct it.

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Good question about storing the tones from your XT onto your SJ but I don't think it's possible although you may be able to replicate them on your SJ to a certain extent.


Like Tatumox said you can run the XT into your amp using the cleanest unaffected routing such as the mp3 input or a semi effected input such as the AUX input. I do this using the mp3 input with my HD500, KB37, or X3 Pro and it sounds pretty darn good.


Drum tracks can be copied to the SD card in mono 16 bit 44000hz sample rate and played back. I'm pretty sure I have the correct format there but you can always check the knowledge base under Spider Jam which has all the good info.



Q: How can I transfer my recorded loops from my Spider Jam to my computer? Can I use an SD-card to store/transfer my songs from the Spider Jam to my CPU?
A: There are stereo RCA outputs on the back of the unit to export your Pod/CD quality audio into your favorite recording device. The Spider Jam version 2.x and later can transfer 44.1K/16 bit mono wav files to and from your computer. The SD-card slot can be used to upgrade the Spider Jam version 1 to version 2. Please see the update link below to update an earlier Spider Jam unit.

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