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Channel Volume vs. Master Volume????


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Hello All,


Where do most of you have the preset channel volumes at? On my 2011 Spider Valve mkII 212 Combo, I have them in the 40's and 50's and I am not even at 9 o'clock on the master when gigging and it is plenty loud. Should I ratchet those preset channel volumes down even further (10-20) and jack up the master (noon or so)?. I am sure that is better for the distorted presets where it will really heats up the gain/tone, but what about my clean channel?


Ideally clean should have high channel/low master volume and vice versa on the distorted presets, no? I have a lot of songs where I switch between clean and dirty and solo (think Skid Row "I Remember You") and I just want to stomp on the preset buttons and not use the volume pedal. Right now I have everything balanced in the presets so I just switch back and forth between presets using the switches on FBV without using the volume pedal at all.


Any thoughts?????




Joe Venezia

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I might tinker with a specific channel to master volume setting for recording, but that isn't really practical live where you tend to need volume leveled patches....


If you are looking to loosen up the master volume a little bit, a fairly inexpensive thing you can do is jump the FX Loop with a 10K pot....Then you can leave your patches alone and perhaps get the master out of the touchy zone...


.If what you are really wanting to do is get some crank tone into any volume, then what you might really be after is an attenuator....

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