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G30 major fail, significant drops during most recent gig

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I have a G30 wireless system that I purchased in Febrary of 2013. I use it on my fiddle.  Generally, I love it, wonderful sound, and being wireless is a joy.  Very rarely I would notice the audio cutting out, but it would come right back, and didn't seem to be too much of an issue.  Fortuatnely, it never happened during any major solo. 


My band recently started using an in-ear wireless monitor system that acts like its own wi-fi server.  All of us use either iPads or iPhones to be able to set our individual in-ear feed.  I started noticing more drops.  During the pre-St Patrick's weekend, a 3 hour gig was a major disaster.  My fiddle was out probably more than in (and in a group that plays Irish-style music, the fiddle is not just window dressing), and during a major solo, I had to keep going over to my vocal mic as I kept dropping out.  Two things were different this time. It was a small stage, so the in-ear monitor-system was right behind us (probably within 2 feet), and I kept my iPhone on sitting next to the G30 reciever showing the channels of all the band members so I could change feeds during certain songs and sets.  I was so discouraged.  The in-ear system is great, especially for noisey gigs like we often play, and I also love my G30.  But if I can't find a work around, I'm going to have to go back to using a cable, which I really don't want to do.


Having read other posts on this issue, I should add I was using the factor power supply, and I did not notice any red lights on the reciever, but I frankly didn't think to look when it was happening.  Also, I have two fiddle identically set up, and both have experienced short-drop outs (until this last gig, that is, where the dropouts were long enough to be noticed by everyone).



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I'd suggest you move the in-ear transmitter away from the G30 reciever, and if the problem presists send your reciever to the Line6 guys for troubleshooting :)

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I noticed my G30 drops out during live shows so I've been troubleshooting and have fixed the main issue with a couple simple solutions.


Problem / solution 1:

The battery compartment doesn't close tight enough to keep the batteries from bouncing about.

Solution: double over a sliver of aluminum foil and fit it between the batteries and the closing battery door. It creates a snug fit.


Problem / solution 2:

The cable that comes with the transmitter doesn't make a solid connection. (Similar to the battery compartment.)

Solution: use a 3 ft straight livewire cable instead. 3 feet may be excessive. But I think the cable acts as the antennae so it shouldn't be too short either.


So far, no matter how much I toss the transmitter around, it keeps a solid connection.


Good luck.


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