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I just got off the phone with Line6 support who confirmed my dilemma.


Here’s my situation:

  • Solo acoustic artist
  • Want to record every show
  • Have an M20d, L3t, & L3m
  • Love the L3t acoustic modeling
  • Haven’t been able to recreate the same tone/body with M20d DSP effects/presets
  • If I plug guitar into L3t and take its Mix Out back to the M20d, it competes with L6 Link (feedback loop)
  • Bottom line, if I want to use M20d (which I do for recording, vocals FX, setup/scene recalls, etc), I can’t use L3t's acoustic modeling

So… Has anyone found the right M20d DSP chain and dialed in the best combo of FX presets to emulate L3t’s acoustic modeling? If so, can you please share the chain & each block’s settings?


I will also post this feature request as an idea for their next firmware update here -> http://line6.ideascale.com/

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