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Pod xt live help!!!!!

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Hi guys, im new here and wondering if you can give me some help...

i just got a pod xt live from a mate who has upgraded.

problem is... i cant get it working when hooked up to my laptop [to add tones or record etc]

can some one tell me what i need to do please?

i'm told i need gearbox 7 or something? but cant find it anywhere. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Start off with Line 6 Monkey and that will show you all the software available for the XT and whether you have the latest versions or not. You can just click within the Monkey software to download the various bits of software you may need. Ignore Line 6 Edit though and use GearBox instead.


Be aware that if you flash the firmware of the XT then you may lose any optional model packs in there (e.g. Metal Shop), if your friend bought any, unless they are 'gifted' to you from his account to your account.

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