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Problem w/ my Spider IV 150 when adjusting the bass knob it cycles thru the distortion knob

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When using my Spider IV 150 (at any volume), and I turn the bass knob (either way), the distortion knob (un-named knob all the way to the LHS) begins to cycle through its various distortion selections. As I turn the bass knob the distortion knob mimmics every move, turning on each led and sounding off in its distortion mode. This only started happening about 2 months ago and I've had this amp for 4 years. My amp gets NO road use, it sits 24/7 on an amp stand in an air conditioned environment. Please tell me you can help.


Thanks in advance, itsPastor

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I believe you are talking about the modeling knob, but it sounds like there is a problem in your preamp that could only be solved by a repair center.

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