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Step By Step Connection to Amp With FX Loop


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I just bought the FX100.  I'm searching for simple basic connection instructions.  Could someone help me out?  I've seen posts on connecting amp out or main out, sounds better hooked up one way or the other, but what I need is basic connection instructions.


If i want to connect the FX100 to my amp's effects loop, do i amp out to my amp's Send?  If so, do i connect anything to my amp's Return?  Do I connect my guitar to my amp's input or to the FX100?


It just doesn't sound right when i follow the provided instructions.  Sorry for being ignorant, but i don't want to return this device.  the demos sound incredible.


The Line 6 diagrams were not very descriptive.  Unfortunately, i'm a bit ignorant when it comes to setup.


Any prescriptive instructions would be great.


Thank you.

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no worries.  i returned the item.


Cool.  If you change your mind...  the FX-100 works best with most amps running into the effects RETURN or in... you want to send the sound out of the pod and INTO the power amp of your amp.  So a 1/4" cable from the left main-out of the FX100 to the effects loop input or return on your amp, with nothing connected to the send of your amps effects loop...  the guitar out on the FX-100 can also be used.  Use the guitar out in conjunction with the main L and R to have music play only out the mains and guitar only out the guitar out.  The MASTER volume on the FX-100 controls your amp volume (on most amps, some have efffects loop level control) when running into the effects return, so start with it off and turn up slowly!

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