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Vht/fryette Valvulator With Pod Hd?


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Hi guys,

have you ever tried the Valvulator in the signal chain before the POD HD (directly into the PA)?

Watching this video (

) it seems like a great unit, BUT in that demo he runs the POD through a poweramp and a cabinet, not directly into a PA.


My question is: does the Valvulator really worth it in that scenario? Does it take away some of the well-known "fizz" out and add some dynamics to the tone?


Thanks! ;)

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no experience with this buffer?


I was trying to figure out if I could improve the tone and the feeling of my HD500 adding some hardware, like this Valvulator or - for example - using an external dirt box (like the Blackstar DistX) in order to have an analog distortion source instead of the digital one through the unit. Guess it would sound a bit more realistic, maybe...for my tastes I mainly use the Fireball amp, but to my ears there's something strange inside the tone structure with high gain settings; I can't really describe it clearly, but it's something I especially notice with pinched harmonics and lighter picking/rolled off volume, something strange with the amp response that translates into a digital feeling to me.


D'you think that adding a Valvulator or an external dirt box would improve the tone/feeling?

Hope so because I really love the HD500 from an hardware and fx point of view...the only thing I'm not completely satisfied with is the core tone.

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