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Please Add Jcm2000 With Deep Switch!

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This tone is so elusive on the HD500. I've tried for hours with hundreds of combinations of cabinets, mic's, amps etc with no luck. There is something about the thick low end, yet highs that cut thru for lead work that is very special about this amp. I still use my POD XT Live because this tone is crucial to my sound. POD Farm has it as an option still as well...why not the 500 or Pro version?


I don't know why Line 6 does not make backwards compatible equipment...it's maddening for all of us. The DSP should surely be able to support the sounds of the older units like the XT and X3. The sounds that those devices produced are now a part of history like the amps themselves and it's just as important to continue modeling. I would rather have the latest Line 6 board able to model a handful of amps better (HD versions) and yet keep the older (SD versions)....than to have a board that only models a handful of amps in the HD version only and completely ignore that the rest ever existed.


I understand that there may not be resources available to model all the previously modeled amp in HD, but at least give us the SD versions to continue using as a courtesy to so-called 'legacy' customers.. Otherwise we are forced into hanging onto our older boards and not upgrading because we wont settle OR forced into finding a new tone that doesn't resemble anything we've come to love.


I hope that Line 6 products in the future doesn't continue to abandon amps, but finds a way to be inclusive, of the models that haven't been upgraded. There is still value in having them available for many of us that have come to love, use and depend on the amps/effects that perhaps aren't first round picks.

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