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MIDI idiot here. need help with HD 500 and FCB 1010


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I know absolutely nothing about using MIDI.

The FCB 1010 foot switches work just fine as they are out of the box. (They change presets in the set list, this allowes me to change to different open tunings.)

I would like to be able to control the expression pedels (which would control FX "Mix") with the FCB 1010. I can't for the life of me figure out how this is done w/o something else getting screwed up.

If I were to try to use everything I want right now my rig would be.

JVT59 (with locked Vol to control distortion, locking tone doesn't work for Sh!#), POD HD500 (as a hub and tuner), FCB 1010 (to change chords M, m, M7, Maj7...), Copycat Tape Echo (With footswitch), Twin Reverb (With reverb and tremolo footswitch.)

That's too much crap on the floor and too much to try to get to seated with one foot.


Can anyone help me set my FCB 1010 expression pedels up to work with the HD500?

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I have an HD500X, but the HD500 should be similar.  Look in the HD500 manual (online if needed), go to the MIDI section of the advanced guide, appendix B at the end.  All the MDI values are listed for all the controls of the HD500X.  Refer to your FCB 1010 manual to learn how to assign those values to the desired pedal.

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