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I want a Firehawk TT. The circuits and software of a Firehawk FX floorboard in the hardware design of the Amplifi TT.  I know most gigging pros probably prefer a floorboard unit, but I'd love a desktop unit.  I'd plunk down my hard-earned cash if Line 6 releases something like this. 


Any thoughts? Limitations or reason why they won't? Anybody else want something like this?

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So this probably isn't going to happen. Only 25+ votes on IdeaScale, and the idea is not even "in review".  Compare this with 577 votes for a Nylon string Variax.  Guess I'll settle for a Firehawk FX, put it under my desk, propped up vertical for easy access to back connections, and use the iPad on the desk to control it.  


I sold my Amplifi TT to get a HD500X for the HD models.  It was a mistake.  The HD500X takes up my entire desk, and the HD Workbench software is OK, but not as slick and user friendly as the Amplifi app for tone tweaking. So the HD500X has been sold, and I'll probably replace it with a Firehawk.  Zoom, Digitech, Boss multi-effects units I've tried just don't sound as good to my ears as Line 6 models and effects.  Even a POD HD desktop "bean" with iOS app similar to Amplifi or Firehawk would satisfy me, but that's even less likely than a Firehawk TT.  

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