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Does Voicing Switch Remember Other Topology Settings?


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This is a follow-up to my earlier post.  


Does anybody know--does the voicing switch remember other topology settings?  What I mean is, do the voices act somewhat similar to the way the channels act in that when you switch out and then switch back in it remembers the last setting?


So, for example, if you set voice II to class AB, then go to voice III and set that to Class A, then if you go back to voice II, will your DT automatically switch back to Class AB?


My amp is in the shop and my tech is telling me this is what it does, which is news to me.  He believes that each voice will remember the class switch and the pentode/triode switch settings.  I re-read the quick start guide and it seems like maybe this is what it says too, but I'd really love to confirm it.



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I won't be home for a good while before I confirm but I if remember correct it does remeber the last used settings, I remeber having to reset some after playing around a bit with the settings and throwing them off.


So say I'm on Channel A and I set topology II to Class A.  Then change the topology to I. When I went back to Topology II woudl be Class A still.

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Prior to the 2.0 update, the Topology switch was just a "dumb" switch. After the update, though, it behaves as you're describing.

Great answer, Phil!  Hope you don't mind my giving "credit" to Palico, who is less-recognized than you.  Wish I could give it to you both!  Thanks for the help!!!

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