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Bluetooth unreliable?


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Hello friends,

I own an amplifi 75 I have had for close to a year or so. I like the amp but it seems to have one

Annoying glitch. I just can't rely on the Bluetooth function to work right 100% of the time.


I can usually get it going properly after it acts up, but it takes time, and is frustrating.


Does anyone else find this to be the case? I have jumped thru all the hoops and done due diligence by following the website instructions, blah, blah, blah.


Maybe Bluetooth is just not a totally reliable technology. I also have a wireless guitar transmitter from line6 and it is rock solid so far, never had a problem yet. I understand it works on a very high frequency

So that must be why it works so well.

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I have found that when I'm playing music through the amp from my iPad it plays fine then all of a sudden it stutters or drops out. This is really annoying even though it's a fraction of a second it's really noticeable. In fact it was also embarrassing. I was singing the praises of this amp to the band and first time they were in my house put on a track for big demonstration. You guessed it! Drop outs, stuttering and me looking like a fool who's spent over £300.

I love the concept and the brochure, but I have to say so far, my experience has not lived up to any of it. I really hope it improves I'd hate to get rid of it but I might have to.

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