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Flash Memory 2.61 will not load


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I loaded all the current drivers, USB firmware and flash memory 2.60 on Saturday.  All works fine.  On Sunday I tried to load Flash memory 2.61 and get error message 80007211 Firmware Update timed out waiting for this device.  I have restarted everything multiple times, reloaded all drivers, firmware and the same thing keeps happening.  I tied loading directly and via saved file on Monkey (version 1.07Any ideas?


Version on POD HD500X:



USB Firmware 1.04

Flash Memory 2.60


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Thanks for suggestions but nothing seems to work - new drivers, another port, different PC, restarted POS HD500X holding down arrow then retired the firmware update.  All comes back with Code 80007211 Firmware update timed out waiting for response from devise

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I was able to correct by (again) reloading all drivers, firmware, detaching all cables to POD, turning off PC firewall, rebooting PC and POD, different port,flashing from down loaded file.  I have been trying and retry in various combinations including using another computer with different Windows OS. In the end the thing that seemed to do it was the last time I reloaded drivers and firmware.


Thanks for all those that jumped in on this thread and good luck to others having a similar problem.

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