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More Volume Drop Issues and Info

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Been using an M20D for over a year now and gigging 2-5 times a month with it.  I've had some of the mystery volume drops that others have noted.  I've been trying to diagnose the issue and here's what I've found.


It seems to happen on specific inputs.  On my board input 7 is especially touchy.  I keep the M20D right next to me onstage and run the monitor mix.  I've moved my vocals to this input so that I can watch it closely.


Maybe 1-2 times a night, my vocals will disappear in the monitors.  They will still show some input levels but not a lot.


The fix, every time, is to increase the input trim and suddenly the vocals explode back into the mix, then bring the trim back down to where it was originally and everything works fine.


This has been the case with multiple microphones and cables.


I used to put the lead singer through that channel and we had endless arguments over it.  Now I run my vox through it and his vocals have been fine and mine are the ones that are going silent.


I've had similar things happen very sporadically to other inputs but not with the consistency that I've had with input #7.


Any guesses to cause, fix, or similar events?

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