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I've never been able to register my POD

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It is an original POD that I upgraded to 2.0 way back sometime. I bought it new from MARS Music. I don't remember the date, long ago. I've tried in the past to register it to no avail. It has a sticker on the back but does not have a 17 number SN. It begins with PODA then 6 numbers, a space 4 numbers, a space then 00.


How might I register this unit? I know I had it registered at one point because.. well, how else would I have upgraded it? My Flextone III is listed and my TonePort Ux-2 is listed.


Thanks! I can send the number but I was not sure if listing the SN on a public forum was a good idea, IDK.



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Yeah, I know but I'd still like to see it in my products list. I realize it wont change anything but still... you'd think I'd be able to register it. BTW, it still sounds GREAT!

I know this is unrelated but FWIW, I sometimes run it through the Line Ins on a Crate PowerBlock through a 1x12 Emi Texas Heat speaker and it really shines. It puts the Flextone to shame. It is still great for DI recording too and with Melodyne Editor I can change it as I please once the track is done... AND, using a Gibson Memory Cable I have a clean part saved on a mini card in the cable. It is a good setup.

I still may get the newer Amp Farm though, can't have too many amps!!!

Well.. thanks!



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