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Spider III 2*12 cab - mono possible?

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Hello fellow forum members,


I just bought a Spider III HD150 head (on its own) and now am looking for a 212 cab to buy. A 412 is not an option now, it may be too big for my car to carry around (we're gigging a lot). So after reading many entries, my (very n00b) questions are:


- can this head be run in mono mode? I mean I just did (on a gig), I hooked it to a H&K 212 and fortunately I didn't blow the amp. But may this happen at all?


- do you know any not-too-expensive 2*12 cabs that may fit with this amp (technically speaking)? It's not easy to fin 212's with two 8 ohm inputs stereo.


Thanks a lot!

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You should not run the amp with speakers only plugged into one output jack.  Your best bet is to find a 2x12 cabinet wiht 8 ohm speakers, then rewire it with two jacks hooked up to each speaker separately.

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