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Spider Jam


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Hi does anybody know how to connect a Boss GT 100 multi effects through a spider jam amp .

Thanks Les


I like to use the Aux input so I can add some delay and reverb. Sounds great using the HD500. I've noticed that when I plug into the Aux input I must make sure I have the record set function set to Mic otherwise I get the amp models. I know it sounds weird but that's the way mines been working. I can also the tone stack for the AUx input to shape the sound like a global EQ. The CD input works good also since it has no effect whatsoever. The only issue I can see with the CD is that it's a weak 1/8" input connecter which can cause issues. The 1/4" connector is much better.


I also use the guitar input sometimes using the "green" Clean model and add some delay and reverb with the tone stack set to 50%.along with the drive and volume.


With the HD500 I run the left mono 1/4" out into the Aux or Guitar input with the pod set to either "combo front" or "studio direct". I create my patches with the pods master at 50%,

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