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monkey 1.7


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just installed version 1.70


Norton complaining of suspicious activity noted as potential sonor heuristics 120 Trojan. So unistalled and installed version 1.67 runs without Norton flagging suspicious activity with the new version?


Anyone else have the same




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I had and continue to have the same issue on my Windows 7 PC - as soon as Monkey attempts to connect to the L6 server, Norton flags this and puts a stop to it, suggesting a high risk, and that I remove the program.


I just repeated the attempt moments ago; same result.


No previous Monkey version has raised Norton's ire like this.


Hoping there'll be some sort of information to address this, as I'm not comfortable with allowing the program to continue as is.

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Likely the various Anti-virus programs might detect it because it's not a browser and it's making out-going request. So I could see how they might flag it.  As moogary pointed out this is why the they have the exception list.  I have a "K9 Parental" controls on my machine to keep the kidos from getting anything I don't want them to and I have put it into an "Admin" mode when running Monkey updates or it complains like crazy too.

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You can also extract the Monkey program from the installer and just run it, bypassing the install process (for windows operating system). 7-zip works.


The files needed would be:


Line 6 Monkey.exe (run this)

cpuz.sys (32-bit)

cpuz64.sys (64-bit)

cpuz.vxd (virtual)


The same can be done with hd edit and the license manager.

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