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Global EQ -- Am I Doing Something Wrong?


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I updated my 500X last weekend with FW 2.61, the new HD 500X Edit, the new JTV FW 2.21 on both my 69S & 59, and the new JTV HD WB, the full set of model packs and everything seems to be working properly, but the Global EQ doesn't seem to be doing anything.


I don't have and don't use the L6 Link, I use my 1/4" outputs at line level to a power amp and FRFR speaker. Tonight for practice, I set up with a different speaker, and wanted to use the Global EQ to vary the tone of that speaker a bit. I went to the set up screen on the 500X and turned the Global EQ on, heard it pause a moment, but when I went to change a setting, I couldn't hear any difference.


I tried some extreme settings, like dropping or boosting by 12db on several bands, but again no change in sound. Am I missing something? I was expecting to hear the difference as I was adjusting, but nada. I turned the EQ on and off several times, and heard the momentary pause, but no tonal difference to the amp. I read an "EQ No Go" thread that was answered earlier, and read where the user had the L6 Link, and that the EQ doesn't affect that, but thought the 1/4" would work with it.


Any ideas? To avoid having to recalibrate the pedal, I did not do a global reset, but have not noticed any problems -- Is that necessary to make the Global EQ functional? I haven't read anyone but the L6 Link folks having issues with it...


Thanks for any help,


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Hi Dave

I have a similar problem with the not working global eq at the 1/4" outputs.
When I power up my hd500x then first the eq is working. I use the low-cut at 1kHz to hear the active eq .

But after sometime the global eq stops to work. 
Actual I try to examine, what's the reason for it. Maybe changing patches or ???


After rebooting my pod the global eq is working again.

Could you try to reboot and check, if the eq is working for you.


I made a global reset after firmware update !!!


Could anybody else check, if the global eq stays active for a longer period of time ?

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Ok -- just opened  a support ticket. Basically just copied the text from my post above & inserted into the ticket form -- hope that's ok... We'll see what comes of it.


Still, if any other thoughts occur to anyone here, I'd like to hear 'em. If/when they respond and I get some resolution, I'll update. Thanks.



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I have news about the global eq problem.

I switch on the pod and the global eq is working.

But when I activate the TUNER and deactivate it again , then the eq does not work anymore.


Can anybody check this ?

Is it a common bug or only at my pod ?

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good news :)


pls check/fix also this one:


After installing firmware 2.61 and loading the full amp packet I noticed that when I am tweaking the amp/cab DEP knobs I can't see their percentages on my POD HD500X Edit software. 




And the last bug I noticed is that sometimes when I am doing a dual amp setup and save it, every time I try to load it, the second amp has all its knobs on the amp section at 0% for no reason.

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