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Amplify studio/live


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Greetings all,

I purchased an Amplify 150 about 5-6 mo ago.

To use with my iPad mini primarily for live applications. Replacing a very large

rack system Marshall mono bloc powered with all bells and whistles.. Not going into alot of detail I will just say

that my herniated/bulging discs on 3 of my lumbars with sciatica  thanks me very much. Now since using 

my Amplify I feel qualified to make an honest assessment. I enjoyed the luxury of sporting a

full stack range due to 2 cabs 4X12's Celestian 25 greenbacks of course. The first thing I noticed

immediately was there was no external jack in back to run additional cab. That to me is a deal breaker. For some crazy reason that topic has never came up. So couldn't make a true judgement on the purchase. Kind of had to walk out on faith if you will.

As far back as I can recall I have always maintained a stereo cab set up for modulation effects. Thank you 

David Gilmore. Second the 1X 12" speaker as great  as it sounds in my studio area( Bed Room) Totally lacks 

in my live situation. Looking over the makeup of the amp I am a little nervous about attempting to put a greenback

​a creamback a vin 30 or any like speaker for an upgrade or replacement. so that's dilemma two. Now with that being said 

Alot of money spending scenarios start coming into play. ISO cab Sound shield etc the list gets a little wacky.Giving old chap the benefit of the doubt. Because the tones are truly slap your momma to die for. And there is no shortage of clever things that it can do for you. No kidding! I am still learning.And yes! I do believe the Amp is still cutting edge as far as recording / learning tool. Still very stoked even with these short comings. But that brings me to my final point. All through out the Demo's arguments of all types of it's versatility. The cleverness the bluetooth the commanding of suck a tonal arsenal library.  The powerful 150 watts the clever small speaker ambiance and probably alot of note worthy mentioning benefits. The one huge important fact to me that was left out or omitted. How does it handle in a live concert type setting. No mention of optimal mic pairing. Set up etc. Now I'm not talking about opening for Malmsteen or Sabbath or anything like that. I am referring to a small enough venue where I believed the set up would work well. It could definitely use an external 1/4 " jack for outgoing.With a selectable OHM setting to accommodate the cab load. And while I got your attention. Please read next post. Thanks!




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