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Amplify studio/live post 2


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Hello again

This will probably come back to bite me  in my shorts. But here it goes. I am yet to see any Demo's about using this amp with a wireless.

Now I did try it with an old AKG analog signal. Although it did receive. It sounded horrible not to mention it had no range .Probably needed to purchase a relay and problem solved. I also use my sonic port due to the fact that my amplify app is unreliable for live application.  I can go directly into mobile POD just in case which is more often than not. And by the way. When accessing amplify app the sonic port or amp one will not work.At all no sound dead in water.Not even a rude squeal. So that's another red herring that needs to be addressed. So I do feel the app is unreliable. Maybe some tweaking and bug chasing the app could be upgraded to avoid these pit falls.

If it is possible. I surely would appreciate you guys covering the bases a lot more in these regards.Such as Demoing wireless applications digital of course.I really feel very confined to a cable lead especially because I am a move around guy. Find myself unhappy not being able to interact with members of Band and for always  fearing I am going to trip over my cable that is plugged into my sonic port that is just resting on my amp with Duct tape holding the chords in place as so I don't actually pull them out by accident. That makes me feel really foolish in a very amateurish way! So in conclusion! . My assessment of this amp is. Does not allow for any user upgrades such as speaker . replacing or upgrading. Seems that you guys are trying to hold all the cards so you will get all of the coin. Probably wrong. Please forgive.  if wrong. Just sayin! No external jack for cab. Does not play well with others meaning sonic port and amplify app simultaneously.Now I have been told that the Line 6 port will work with most apps. Sorry on my amp it does not I either have to unplug from amp to let bluetooth totally take control. Or it's mobile POD. It's either one or the other.Thanks as always!

Kindest regards,



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I have live questions as well, as the channel switching is very laggy, making a live performace impossible at this point.  I don't expect to have my iPad hooked up to the amp at all live, I will load all my presets and save to hardware well before all that.  And no stage I'm gonna be on will ever warrant a wireless set up so I'm not really worried about that.


It's just the severe lag, inconsistency, and inaccuracy of channel switching on the FBV MKII that has me worried I'm gonna have to buy a gigging amp and just use this for practicing and recording.


Also, anyone expecting to use this amp alone without mic'ing it through the PA is insane.  Yes it gets loud, but you still gotta mix it in the PA if you want real presence.


Recording with the Amplifi has been a dream, whether I'm mic'ing the cab or going direct in, it sounds great either way.  Recorded an entire album already with this amp, have no complaints.  But man, a live application is getting me a bit nervous.

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