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Excessive echo from DT50 112

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So I purchased a Line6-DT50112 and POD HD500 combo back in January. When used together i got great live sound. Lately however, my Dt50 sound like utter garbage Im getting an excessive echo/reverb that makes all my patches sound terribly wet on stage. Ive checked my output/input settings on the Pod, currently setting Outputs to Combo Power Amp (also tried combo amp front) and Inputs to input 1-Guitar, Input 1-Variax (Also tried Input 1-same). Long story short, Ive read all the manuals and I know how to make the proper connections.


I also tried the obvious, making sure all my patche's individual reverb/digital delay settings were in check and making sure the reverb knob on the DT50 was turned all the way down. Even when i completely shut off all reverb and delay in the FX chain, the echo is still there.


My tubes are not very old, and they have given me no sign of damage up until this. Im usually VERY Careful with my amp. (its never been thrown around or banged up, and im always letting them heat up/cool down properly)


Has anyone experienced the same problem? Please give me any suggestions you can. This is very stressful as this started happening last night at a gig.





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Do you have a tremolo on your guitar? I have had the springs cause some reverb on hotter patches with my S540 and my strat....A little silk hanky on the springs can help that if that is a cause....You can isolate that by using a New Tone patch with no amp or FX and see what your dry guitar sounds like....this is just a guess and nothing more....


Only other thing I could think of checking might be your DT settings in the 500....you made sure both reverbs were dead? and you are using the Link?

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