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Trying to return metal pack HELP!!!


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So I've deauthorized my pod hd in the license manager but every time i hit return it tells.

You must de-authorize ALL your hardware to return this store order. ( Error: 8212)

All I purchased was the metal pack and ive removed it from my pod and deauthorized it and I cant return it. The model pack was garbage everything was clipping and frankly the 5150 wasn't very good (which is what I bought it for).

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Hey there

Did you find out about what to do when getting error code 8212 when returning purchase

I'm gettin the same code here and feel frustrated that there's no way how to contact support

of how to solve this problem.


They could easily put up some information of what to do when customers getting those errors.

Feels like they are waiting until this 30 day money back guarantee has run out.

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I am trying to return a model pack and deauthorized my unit but when I go into order history to return it...there's no return button to click at all. I need assistance. Can someone help me?

You're probably gonna have to get on the phone...this is a user forum. "Official" L6 personnel chime in occasionally, but you can't count on any of them answering you in here.

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