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Pod HD 500 midi

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Is it possibile to use the pod HD 500 to Simultaneously drive a midi amplofier head and use effects inside the pod with 4-wire method?

Actually i m using the pod as a midi controller to drive the head and change the channels. I d like to change channels with fs1 - fs4 and use 4 pod effects with fs5 - fs8. Or both combination. I m not sure it s possibile :-( that would be great


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Just assign the fx blocks to whichever effects you want, and hold down the "Move" button to bring up the MIDI assignments.  Probably PC commands need to be assigned to switch your amp, or else CC toggle.  Make sure the correct MIDI channel is set for your amp.  These need to be set for each patch individually, so you can set custom configs for each one.  I use mine to control a Whammy, M5, and Source EQ.  Only one command can be sent per switch, so you can't do multiple commands without additional hardware.

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My amp works on this program change :





I set fs1 - 4 to relative program change. Ok.

I d like to use for example, delay on fs5,chorus on fs6,reverb on fs7,eq in fs8.

So for every amp channel i can use the 4 effects.

Sorry i can t understand how to do.

Have i to set a patch with effect loop on the pod? I think yes...

When i hold down the move button, how can i say on the midi sceeen, fs5 turn on and off delay?

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