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Toneport UX8 Squeal

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This is an old topic.  I found a link to it here:



But found no answer.  All the same problems, but with a different setup:


Windows Xp

Dell Optiplex 390

i3 2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz

2GB ram


(don't judge me, its a stock college computer) 


Cheers in advance.

I had this problem when first using a Toneport and my new DAW. The squeal I was hearing in my system was because I was using BOTH the computer sound card and the Toneport. The Toneport is designed to replace your sound card for all sounds coming out of your computer whether they be .mp3 files, or things your are recording. Whatever speakers you have connected to your computer should only be connected to the main (or other options if desired) outputs from the Toneport. Same with external signals going in like any audio player should be connected to one for kobo, or two for stereo and then once your configure your audio hardware to ASIO and whichever UX choice that matches your Toneport. Example, mine says the computer audio card, since I left it in the computer and my ASIO driver says Toneport UX8 for both input and output. This should end your squealing problem. Best of luck!

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