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I need to utilize the iPad app, I tried recording to a USB but ran out of space after recording the inputs and main mix for about 1:45 hours. It was a 16gb card


What is the biggest we card that the mixer will take?


I currently use the usb to connect to a wired network through an apple lan adapter and it works great


Is it possible to hook up a wifi USB adapter and a usb hard drive to record to or is a large sd card the only option with wifi?

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32GB SDHC Card is the biggest "supported" card though some have used a FAT32 formatted SDXC card


To my knowledge, yes, you can utilise a USB hard drive and USB WiFi at the same time by placing a powered usb hub in the chain. Not done it myself though as haven't had need. I stick to 32GB SD cards!

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Do you have a link to what a powered usb looks like?

Today, I put in a 32gb SDHC Class 10 card and it doesn't seem to recognize it.  I have a mac and used the disk utility to erase and format it to FAT32.  The card says its sdhc but in the disk utility it says ddxc.  

Here's a screen shot:

(can't figure out how to add a picture)
How do I properly format this card?  In Mac's disk utility, do I format the partition or do I format the Apple SDXC Reader Media folder?
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