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Pod Hd400 And Cubase General Help

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Hi there,


I am new to audio recording, and I only have a minimal setup here at home. (See specs at end of post)


Basically, when I plug my POD HD400 into my speakers, it gives me the audio output (processed) with the plugin effects from cubase  (as expected) but it still has the sound of the original unprocessed sound (as if you were only running the pod into an amp).


Is there a way to only let the sound of the processed effects come through?


my audio process: guitar -> POD HD400 -> PC -> POD HD400 ->Speakers


I cannot get it to work if I play guitar to the POD, and try put it out through the speakers or my other audio interface (m-audio fast track).


Is it possible to use the POD as my interface, and get playback through a different device?


Also, is there a way to change my sound once I have recorded? right now it is recording the audio sound and I am unable to change the base sound (ie: heavy to clean).




  • LTD EC-500
  • POD HD400
  • Roland Cube 30x
  • M-Audio AV80 (speakers)
  • M-Audio Fast Track
  • M-Audio KeyRig 49


  • MSI H77MA-G43
  • quad core i7 3770k 3.5GHz
  • 12GB DDR3 
  • 2TB HDD Samsung
  • 500GB HDD Samsung
  • 550Watt V9 PSU
  • GTS 450 1GB GDDR5


Thanks in advance,

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Is it possible to use the POD as my interface, and get playback through a different device?


Not with reliable results. The reason is that the HD400 is an ASIO-compliant device, and the ASIO protocol dictates that the same audio device be used as the input and output device.


There are non-compliant so-called ASIO drivers (e.g. ASIO4ALL) that will permit this, but these drivers are known to cause problems with ASIO-compliant devices such as the Pods.

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+1 to silverhead


You may have something configured wrong.


When you say your HD is connect to the PC, are you talking about the analog outs going to your PC's soundcard, or connect via USB in which case the HD becomes your soundcard?


Also, you can run the HD's analog outs to your Fast Track, but the Fast Track would be your recording/playback interface.


And if you are trying to monitor plug-ins in real-time on the track you are recording you may experience unacceptable latancy.

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