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Patch compatibility between Spider IV 150 and pod HD 500


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I typically gig with a Spider IV 150 and am looking at potential backup scenarios.

1) buy a Spider IV 75 and upload all my current gig patches to it

2) get an HD500 and backup all my gig patches to that, and bring any one of the other amps I've accumulated through the years.


One thing I haven't been able to find easily is whether the patches on an updated Spider IV will "translate" to an HD500.


Anyone ever done this?




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I think you would also find the patches may sound significantly different between a 150 (with 4x12 cabinet?) and a 75 and would require some amount of EQ , gain and volume tweaking.

Good point. I should have been more clear in the initial post. My live rig is the 150 2X12 amp (can't imagine running 4X12, it's plenty loud). We have had gigs in smaller rooms where I don't need the power of the 150 and the 75 would be easier to drag around. If I can upload all my 150 patches to the 75 then I'm not starting from scratch. Appreciate the help.



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