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HD500 L6 LINK louder than 1/4" LINE connection to L2M


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My setup:   JTV59 > VDI > HD500 > L6 Link > L2m


JTV fw v2.21

HD500 fw v2.62


I just upgraded my HD500 to v2.62 and wanted to try out the Global EQ, so I needed to swap from using L6 Link to my L2m to using the 1/4" out with the switch next to the expression pedal set to Line.   I tested that the Global EQ was having an effect and then disconnected the 1/4" and reconnected the L6 Link.  I immediately noticed way more volume from the same patch.  So to be certain I double checked and tried both connections again one after the other, and found that the 1/4" line out is much quieter than the L6 link connection. I have mainly used L6 Link and the only times I have used the 1/4" line out before were stand alone without using L6 Link so I never made a direct comparison before.


I thought that L6 Link and 1/4" out at line level would produce a similar level signal but maybe I am wrong - maybe they are designed to be different levels.




Is this something that has been introduced with v2.62 or has L6 Link always been way louder than the 1/4" line out level?


Does anyone know what the output level spec's are supposed to be with L6 Link and 1/4" line level? 


Has anyone lese noticed this? Or is it just me and my HD500 at v2.62 or does it do the same thing with earlier fw levels?


Thanks in advance for your input.



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There is a noticeable difference in the volume levels. That is normal and has been that way from the beginning; it's not new behaviour with this firmware. I don't know why it was designed that way, and I don't know what the specs are.

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