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New pod hd500x user having connection problems


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Hi guys, my problem is the following


I'm a new user of the pod hd500x, and I already own a valvestate 8080, and i wanted to know how do i need to connect things and setup the pod for the following:


-Using the 8080 sound and just the effects (distortion, wah, delay) of the pod


-Use the amp modeling and fx of the pod, so the amp would be used just as a speaker let's say


-Use the pod with the usb cable to record on my computer and just monitor with the amp or headphones

(I managed to do this but i get a lot of noise on my recordings, i don't understand why)


I know a little bit about the 4cm but i read that with that one i would be using my amps sound and not the pod modeling so that wouldn't work for the second point.


well i hope you can help me with that!

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Well, you need to make a choice. Do you want to use the models or not. Because, a real Marshall will never sound like a fake Fender.

Get a sterile amp/speaker. They work best for models. They have no personality, therefore can be made to sound like something else. Whereas, a Marshall will always sound like a Marshall. 

That's why most of us go straight to the PA or have some sort of monitor system. 




Someone else will be around to explain USB recording. 

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well actually that 8080 is the only amp i have so i was hoping in using it with that, and i wanted to know the different ways to achieve what i want


if i want the amps pre am, or the pod amp modeling, i know i can't have both at the same time, i just wanted to know how to setup things to achieve one or the other



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well actually that 8080 is the only amp i have so i was hoping in using it with that, and i wanted to know the different ways to achieve what i want


if i want the amps pre am, or the pod amp modeling, i know i can't have both at the same time, i just wanted to know how to setup things to achieve one or the other




4CM if you want to use your amp's pre-amp...otherwise, it's guitar--->POD--->FX return on the Marshall, assuming that it has one. If not, then you're stuck going straight into the front of the amp...which can be done, trying the POD's various output modes to see which one works best for you. But be prepared for this to suck...because you are daisy-chaining the modeled amp into the Marshall's pre-amp. In my experience, this is excessively noisy, and doesn't end well.


If you really want to take advantage of the what the POD can do, you need some kind of powered FRFR speaker. Options range from $300-$500 powered PA speakers or wedge monitors, all the way to more "guitar amp-like" looking enclosures, many of which are quite pricey...but you don't have to spend a fortune.

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Not sure if these will work but you can try it and see. The Valvestate has a Parallel effects loop which might affect this but you can try it and see.


1. Guitar into POD guitar input. 


Option 1: Use the POD for amp models, not using the ValveState for anything else besides a Power Amp.

2. Set your Effects Amp model etc.. in the POD.

3. Set POD mode to Combo Power Amp.

4. 1/4" output from POD to Valvestate "Master Return".

5. Set the Valve "Effects" all the way to "Eff".


Option 2: Into the front of the Valvestate. Least desirable but workable.

2. Set Effects Amp model etc.. in the POD.

3. Set POD mode to Combo Front.

4. 1/4" output from POD to ValveState Input.

5. Set Valvestate in "Normal" channel. 

6. Set all ValveState EQ all to 12'oclock.

7. Set ValveState Gain on "Normal" channel fairly low.

8. Adjust VavleState "Master Volume" to taste.

(if you have distortion on a Clean POD setting, adjust the ValveState "Normal Gain" and POD "Master" to remove it.


Option 3. 4 cable method, gives you the option to use the ValveState's PreAmp or one on the POD. Lots of videos on youtube etc... on this. Just look up a couple for more details on this one. Very Flexable setup but overkill if you dont' need it.

2. Set POD effects as desired.  Set a desired Amp model and then set Amp Model off.

3. Set POD mode to Combo PowerAmp. Might try other modes as well. Not sure exactly which would work best here.

4. POD Effects Send to ValveState Guitar in.

5. ValveState Send to POD Left Return.

6. Set the ValveState "Master Effects" all the way to EFF.

7. 1/4 POD output to ValveState "Master Return"

8. Put the effects loop in the patch. The effects loop is now the Valvestate's pre amp section. Put pedals before or after as desired.

9. Now you can set a single button to turn off the Effects loop and turn on the POD's amp model at the same time. This will effectly let you use the POD amp models or the ValveState's preamp.


If there are more options I'm sure someone will come along and remind me.

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Hey Buddy.  Welcome to the HD500X.


You've done a great job of finding all the different ways to hook up to your 8080 - you can find detailed info on how to physicaly setup each of the configutrations listed above.


I'll give you a quick rundown to get you going:


Yes - you can easily treat the HD as a front of amp pedal board.  Turn off the amp model (and speaker and cab model gets turned off when doing so) in the patch and add effects as desired.  Plug the line out L into the inpur of your amp.  This uses your marshall as the complete guitar amp it is - just like putting 8 stomp boxes in front of your amp.


The drag about the above method is that you cannot place effects AFTER the preamp (which is where delays and reverbs usually work best, some of the best pod tones are created using an EQ after the pre as well, chorus can work well after too).  To the rescue is 4CM - which allows you to place effects both before and after your preamp - and gives you the ability to use your preamp and/or your amps preamp; even mixing the two if desired.  Diagrams for 4CM physical hook up can be found with a quick search.


If you want to use just the power amp of your marshall, the pod works great plugged into the effects return/in.  Go from the pod line out L into your 8080 effects return.  Start with the master volume on the pod all the way down as your amp volume no longer effects the heard volume - the pod master becomes the overall master for amp and pod.  Use a pre amp model (rather than the amp models with power modeling too, there are pre versions of all amp models).


The USB cable allows you to plug into your computer to record from the pod directly or you can simply use the pod as a USB interface and then use software amps of your choosing (Garageband, Logic, Amplifi, Mobile Pod, Pod Farm, etc, etc).  Easy hook up - USB cable from pod to PC.  User your OS audio settings to configure the pod as the in/out source for music.  After setting the OS to recognize the device, you often have to then configure your specific software to use the POD.  Again, there are volumes of detailed posts and videos explaining the details.


Be sure you have the Output of the POD set accordingly to LINE or AMP.  The cleanest signal can be had when using a standard guitar by setting the POD input to guitar only on A and Variax (or mic or aux) on B, and then setting the pan on to 50%.  When using 4CM be sure the effects loop is set to line.


ALL the info and more can be found here:

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Hi guys, i'm trying sending the  1/4 out to the master loop efect return on the valve, and it's still making a lot of noise, is it normal? I mean i am trying to use for example the bomber uber pre, just that, not any other effect or something, and it's making the same (or more) noise, than connecting the pod onto the front line, how is it that everybody on the recordings doesn't have any kind of noise? 

Also i set the pod to power amp combo but still a lot of noise 


thanks for your answers!

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Check the patch on your headphones before connecting to the ValveState and see if the noise is already there. If so put a noise gate or hard gate in the patch to tame it down first. Some of the high gain models in the POD are noisy when cranched just like the real counterparts.  Elemiate the possiblities.  


Other thing is make sure the "Master Effects" on that is turned all the way to "EFF".  That is parallel loop so you need to make sure you not geting any signal from the Valvestate preamp directly.

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yeah i checked if reaper was getting signal from the noise on the pod, and yeah, so it's not the amp


it happens with high gain models, like uber pre for example, that's the only thing i'm using


and the only way to get down that noise was getting the guitar in in 22 k, the higher k, the higher noise


my question is how i have seen vids on youtube where they used this amp model and they get a cool sound without any noise

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yes i checked it, i was able to eliminate the noise with a noise gate or hard gate, so i'm kinda happy now!


now i have to get more realistic tones but it's a beginning!


thank you very much for you help guys! 

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