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Ooops - deleted post "Where are My tones saved?"

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I'm sorry,

somehow I must have deleted my post "Where are my tones stored?"? I was not intending this - are all your really good answers lost now ? ? ?


If yes: Shame on me - :( I beg your pardon please!


To save the essential, I'll try to sum up the conversation like this:


1) Amplifi's "My Tones" data ist stored in the cloud.


2) Additionally, a copy of "My Tones" data ist also stored on my local Android or iOS device.


3) These two data pools are being kinda sync'd every time (or every now and then) I 'm online with a WiFi connection.


4) ...and a final, just recently discovered theory regarding saving new tones: New tones are being saved in the cloud first, then copied to the local device (which would explain that I could not save new tones the other day while I was offline).


Thanks for all your thoughts and help and much fun with your Amplifi! :D



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#4 is incorrect (as far as my own experience is concerned).  As I showed with screen shots in the original post, I was able to create and save a new tone on my iPad with no internet connection.  Then, after re-connecting to the internet, that saved tone was then synced to the cloud and then synced to my iPhone.


Here's the screen shots again.  The tone was created and saved in the Amplifi Remote app on my iPad, with no internet connection.




Then, here is the same tone now on my iPhone:



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