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What happened with the set list "User 3" firmware 2.62?


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what happen if not all podhd500x users wanted presets for Variax , is useless if we doesn't have one,  but we use more the "User 3" set list to make more presets , i don't know if i ll update my podhd500x if i lost one important set list like " User3" i got presets in all my set lists !  :(




 USER 3 ??


The presets in firmware v2.62 correlate to the following Set List names, as seen in the main display from left to right, top to bottom:

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First thing to do is backup your existing presets and set lists.

Perform the v2.62 update and overwrite everything.

Perform global reset and expression pedal calibration.

Then overwrite the patches and set lists installed with your backed up patches and set lists.


You can name all the set lists whatever you want and have them all containing your custom patches, it is entirely up to you. You don't need to keep the installed patches or set lists.

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think its a little unfair to hit him with -2 he may be new to all of this and not fully understand how to use his pod, although in the same breath I personally think the variax list will be handy.


I was going to get the variax JTV-59 and this kind of tempts me into wanting to get one even more lol :/ , but I decided to buy a spanky new yamaha Mixer and orange 35RT amp first, maybe the JTV-59 will come at a later date, funds allowing me that is.


edit oh sozz I just realised he was not hit with -2 from this post heh

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in case could be useful for you or someone else I attached here (which I made for me) a completely empty setlist (64 empty presets) you can load in the place of any of the existing setlists, and also a completely empty bundle (512 empty presets, ie with all 8 setlists empty)..


here they are:

attachicon.gifEMPTY SETLIST.zip

attachicon.gifHD500 Empty Bundle.zip




I thought I was the only that kept a blank patch, setlist, and bundle available. 

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I do multiple musical things. So I am constantly blanking out the machine to put in the required patches in the required order. 

(Which, is one of the reasons why it would be so nice to be able to run EDIT with a portable device like a tablet or phone) 

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