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Usage of Firehawk FX send and FX return.

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Has anyone used the FX send /return path of the Firehawk Yet ?

The key question is do you have to connect the return portion ?


I am looking for a way to have a clean signal from the Firehawk at the same time as my processed outs.

Since the position of the FX send/return can be placed just after the wah (position of Variax and wah are fixed) in the order map a clean signal should be available at the FX send connections.


Alternately, the USB out could carry a signal to a DAW using the Driver provided by Line 6. A this point it is my understanding only a "Main Out" processed signal is available for USB. Other companies like Roland have guitar processors that carry both Processed and clean signals over the same USB connection for use with DAWs. Any insights as to future upgrades for Firehawk to provide similar functionality?


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