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JTV Model and Mags Volume Unexpected Behaviour

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My setup:


JTV59  > VDI > HD500 > USB > DAW


JTV fw v2.21

HD500 fw v2.62


Chosen JTV model Lester Bridge unmodified compared against JTV59 bridge.

Chosen HD500 patch - my own custom built using Marshall 100 model.   The patch has a Hard Gate and then the Amp model, followed by a parametric EQ to remove the harshness around 3K, and then a Vintage pre EQ to remove bottom (80hz) and top (7khz) ends, and then finally a room reverb.


And then a blank patch with both L + R sides boosted by 6db at mixer stage.


Noted behaviour:


On my custom patch the Lester Model drives the Marshall 100 amp model slightly harder than the JTV mags. (There is less difference on the recordings than I can hear on headphones A/B ing the two sounds - the mags always produce a clearer slightly less driven tone).

On the blank patch the Lester Model has way less volume than the JTV mags.


Attached sound file showing Marshall patch with Lester model followed by JTV mags, and then blank patch showing Lester model followed by JTV mags.




If the JTV mags are so much louder than the modelled Lester Bridge, then why does the modelled Lester bridge drive the Marhsall 100 model harder than the louder JTV mag bridge humbucker?


I expected the louder pickup signal to drive the model amp harder but it is the other way around in this instance. 


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The JTV59 bridge humbucker is clearly much louder than the model Lester bridge position.

Yet the model Lester position drives the HD500 model amp harder than the physical humbucker when the JTV59 is connected via VDI.


Anyone any idea why this is the case?


Can anybody else replicate this situation to confirm it is normal and not just my HTV/HD500 combination?



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