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FBV express mk2 with amplifi 75

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My FBV express Mk2 when hooked up to my amplifi 75 used to change through ABCD on bank selected. Now it will always go back to bank 1 and does the ABCD Channels. It will not stay in the bank selected. Is this due to the new pedal board??

Not happy as when in Bank 20 for the blues channels volume works wha works but soon as change to ABCD it goes back to the bank 1 tried updating going back to defaults and still Bank 1 ABCD.

This sucks as it was very helpful now seems like I have to use the iPad if not in bank 1. Please bring out an update or tell me how to fix the problem. As I own a spider 4 75 and a hd500. On a army pension and hate to have wasted money on my FBV express 2. Or are you pushing us to spend more money on your new 100 board. Not impressed, may as well go to fender tube with stomp boxes.

Please help tried everything, used to just plug in the back and the Bank you where on was the one that you could change each channel.

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