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M5 suddenly cuts out!


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I've been noticing that sometimes my volume is just cut to nothing all of the sudden and today while playing, I stopped for a second and I think I heard a relay switch on the M5. In the past, if it was practice or live I would just panic and hit the same patch switch I'm already on and the sound would come back - i really didn't know which device in my chain was causing it. So today, I had a second to bypass each device individually and it's the M5! I got the volume to come back by clicking one of the switches.


What's going on here? How do I stop this? Is it broken? 

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I am glad I found this link... About a year ago. My M13 started cutting out. More like power going out on and off with relay clicks.  I gave up on M13 and went all analog pedal.  Few days ago I pulled out my M13 and for 2 days it was ok then today it started again.  I tried different power supply (I also have old XTLive) different amp. different plug in.  


I need solution to this repair? I had M13 for about 3 years so I am not sure it will be covered under warrantee...



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I left my m13 on for 2 days... it started going off.. on... .. I re-set it to factory preset and it didn't do for 24 hours. I am afraid to take it on gig...It sounds real good with my Mesa Boogie MK3 4CM. I am tempted to take OCD but Tube Driver and Screamer s doing fine.. Classic distortion (RAT) is also the killer. That is all I basically use.  With R2 mod on my MK3. I have 3 levels of Overdrive at the amp.  the R2 channel and Tube Driver really goes well.. Screamer too.. Screamer works well on clean channel...  I have the expression pedal on Drive level.. It is amazing to gradually increase gain with ex-pedal.


I am re-discovering Compressor.. especially the Red Comp.. I bought Xotic SP compressor and loving it.. I had SP in front of M13 for a while.But to make it simple.. I tried Comp on M13. and having expression pedal on comp level.. I can use it as boost .. gradual boost..


Only if this does not cut off during a solo....

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