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Just curious if there were any plans to add a loop station function to the Amplifi.


Or, for that matter, any plans at all for additional effects to be added that currently don't exist through future firmware updates?


I'm having fun with it so far, but doesn't it seem like a bit of an engineering embarrassment that they didn't build a USB charger port into the thing?



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I agree. I'd like a looper, and especially a metronome.


At the moment I have to either use a second iOS device to use my metronome app, or exit the amplifi app to use my metronome app and then have to let the Bluetooth re-establish when back in the amplifi app if I want to change anything.

It'd be great if they continued to update effects over time.

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I'd made the suggestion about a looper through IdeaScale shortly after the Amplifi amps first came out. However, there hasn't been any development by Line 6.  The other day, I received the following idea by Carlos.  It's a good one -- check it out.


It seems that Line6 is not very active in developing Amplifi Utility anymore.

For those of you owning an iOS device, I suggest the use of Yamaha THR Session app. It can slow down any song in steps (not just 50% like the Amplifi Utility) while keeping the intonation, loop A/B playback and (sometimes amazingly) lower or rise the volume of guitars inside a recording. You don't need to have a THR amplifier to use it... AND IT'S FREE.

Any metronome app will do for metronome practice.

For Android users... bad news. I think that "Amazing slow downer" is an alternative, although not for free.


Thanks Carlos for the suggestion!



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