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Pod Farm stuck on loading after restart/update

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Hey guys, first off I just wanna say I love Pod Farm and use it as my main go to for recording guitar track concepts for most of my songs so keep it up.


Now the problem I have is that since I updated and restarted my computer my Pod Farm 2.58 platinum won't open on my mac Mini (late 2014 model). It continually gets stuck on loading without any progress. This happens both as a plugin in Logic X, Ableton, Cubase and as Standalone.

Things I've tried so far are:
Reinstalling Pod Farm

Double checked the license manager

Repaired Disk Utilities

Open in standalone as mentioned before



mac Mini Late 2014 (winter)

2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5/ 8GB LPDDR3 onboard memoryM/1 TB HD/Intel Iris/Thunderbolt 2, USB 3/802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0

(got more memory currently of course)

Yosemite Latest version

Pod Farm 2,58



But nothing seems to fix the problem.


I hope you can help soon or hope there might be an upcoming update that fixes the issue.



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