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POD Studio UX2 system requirements

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The minimum system requirements for the toneport ux2 and the pod studio ux2 state that your pc needs at least a pentium 4.

Is that to run the software or the interface itself? If i have less than a pentium 4, will the interface
run correctly as long as i dont use the pod farm amp sim software?

I read that the interface handles a lot of the work itself, taking the load off your computer. If thats
true, why do you need a stronger processor than most interfaces require?

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Hi Users,

since a week I have UX2 with POD Farm 2.57. All drivers & Asio installed.

I can hear the sound of my guitar, but none of the Amps + Effects are working.

How to fix this problem?

Can anyone help me? Much thanks in advance!

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