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The First String E On My Variax 500 Doesnt Sound When Connected Can You Please Help Me?

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Hello fellow musicians, for some reason the first string of my variax 500 goes mute on me when connected. The problem happens after playing a bit. Seems to happen when I change between models. Ive opdated the flash memory through my workbench and it solved the problem for 6 months. I had the same problem again and refreshed and this time it solved the problem for 2 weeks but again it happened. Ive read about the subject in this forum and some people say its might be  the piezo(really hope not since it would be a pain to get it down to Chile and Line 6 doesnt ship down here either), but since it gets solved momentarily (when I update flash memory) Im hoping it might be a software problem. Also in my country (Chile,S.america) there are no qualified repair Techs on the Variax who could solve the problem. Can you please help me! 

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If reflashing fixes it, then it might be software. Did you look at the string volume for it in workbench?

Open up the model editor, then look for String Volume in one of the drop down menus at the top of the window.


If it goes bad randomly. it could be a bad piezo, but if reflashing fixes it, that's weird. 

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